“ Luxury Beyond Imagination”. Mpala Boutique Hotel Bulawayo
Our air-conditioned are equiped with refridgerators and are within fast WIFI. It's completely free.
Enyoy the luxury comfort of our cozy executive suites. Book your stay
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Situated in the serene and accessible suburb of Famona, just three minutes from the city of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo, Mpala Boutique Hotel is the epitome of luxury and fabulous choice if you are looking for a comfortable, exquisite and affordable hotel alternative.

A private balcony affords the patron a scenic view of the suburb of Famona. Relax or exersice in the boutique's pool, lit up by the illumination surrounding the hotel, creating a scence of luxury.

We offer conference facilities, events facilities, planning and management. You can also visit Event-Xtra-Ordinaire for the events of your dreams.


Our air-conditioned bedrooms combine lavish comfort with well-appointed amenities. Each room has a contemporary feel with modern top of the range bathrooms, fitted with glass basins and showers, enhancing the crispy clean feel and look of well maintained luxurious facility.